New Construction Building Commissioning

Professionally Licensed in OR, WA and MA.

Your Elevate commissioning team will be led by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP). Our building commissioning service includes Owner’s Project Requirements development and an owner integrated project closeout process so that your team is quickly up to speed on your new building’s operation and maintenance procedures.  We provide each project with a detailed commissioning plan including custom specifications, detailed reviews at various project phases and original Functional Performance Tests that we conduct.

Existing Building Commissioning

We are an Oregon Energy Trust Trade Ally.

Your existing building should be tuned and maintained just like a car. Existing Building Commissioning is a specific and thorough process that begins with a review of your building involving your building’s Management and Operation Team. During this joint effort, we test and troubleshoot equipment to provide you with detailed information and support for managing building system upgrades and improvements. For each project, equipment is evaluated physically and by using the building automation system if one is in place. This service is tailored to you and your building’s needs. We provide simple reviews of smaller systems and follow the ASHRAE process using the Level I audit walk-through assessment for complex projects. We work with the Oregon Energy Trust as a trade ally on your behalf to obtain your maximum rebate. Contact us for a free building evaluation (travel included if less than 100 miles from Portland).

Energy Management

Certified Energy Managers with the Association of Energy Engineers

Energy management is a broad term used to describe a simple idea: Save you money and operate your building efficiently. There is no simple plan or one size fits all solution to managing your building’s energy use and performance. We provide a free site visit to your building (travel included if less than 100 miles from Portland) and review your potential project with your building’s operation team. Depending on the complexity of your building and the current state of the equipment and the building automation system (BAS control), we will work together to create solutions for your team to implement. Appropriate audit guidelines will be followed that fit your particular project. If existing building commissioning is required or desired, we work with the Oregon Energy Trust as a trade ally on your behalf to obtain your maximum rebate. Contact us to review your building’s needs. We love energy and using less of it.

LEED Building Commissioning

LEED AP under version 4.0

LEED certified buildings require the Energy and Atmosphere prerequisite, Fundamental Commissioning and Verification.  This requirement is achieved using our services following ASHRAE Guideline 0 and Guideline 1.1. Exterior enclosure commissioning (also known as envelope commissioning) is also required for inclusion in the owner’s project requirements (OPR) and basis of design (BOD) as part of the this credit. A current facilities requirements and operations and maintenance plan is provided as part of the required LEED prerequisite. In addition to fundamental commissioning, we provide services for obtaining the LEED Energy and Atmosphere credits of Enhanced Commissioning, Building-Level Energy Metering (required), Advanced Energy Metering, and Renewable Energy Production. We also provide expertise and the means of verifying all LEED Water Efficiency (WE) prerequisites and credits.