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We are an Oregon Energy Trust Trade Ally.


Our commissioning process begins in design and concludes in the post occupancy phase of the construction life cycle. Your project will be led by licensed Professional Engineer (PE) and Certified Commissioning Professional (CCP).

Commissioning involvement during design is critical to achieving maximum results. We create or assist in developing the Owner Projects Requirements. We provide in-depth design reviews for systems within our scope of work. Commissioning specifications are guaranteed to be included in your project. Project incentives are also verified and applied for in this phase.

During construction we lead coordination meetings, conduct regular site visits, witness critical equipment start-up, verify Test/Adjustment/Balancing (TAB), test 100% of equipment in our scope and re-test all equipment deficiency corrections.

Our involvement in project closeout includes the verification of specified abnormal equipment warranties, owner training verification (and training presence), seasonal testing, and a near end warranty review that occurs ten months after substantial completion.


Your existing building should be tuned and maintained just like a car.

Existing Building Commissioning is a specific process that begins with a review of your building economy. How well is it performing from a cost and energy use perspective? Where does it rank against other buildings in the same class? We find answers to these questions.

Next, we involve your building’s Management and Operation Team. During this joint effort, we review the building’s current performance. We review building schedules and equipment sequence of operations.

Finally, a plan is created based on our initial findings to commission your existing building. This might be achieved with the support of the building operations team or we might advise to include a controls programmer to improve and tune various equipment controls. We may also find equipment that has reached the end of its usable life cycle or need a repair. Our findings and recommendations are ranked and reviewed based on their cost effectiveness.

This process should not be confused with renovation work. The goal of existing building commissioning is to tune and improve existing equipment, not replace it.

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