Happy New Year to our friends and clients! 2019 was a great (and quick) year for our Elevate family. We hit some important milestones including an office move from Nathan’s spare room to our new St Johns office and we received our 50th project. It seems like just a blink of the eye since we received that coveted project #1 in 2017, thank you Gerding Edlen! The highlight of last year was onboarding our new engineer, Dave Furrer. He is a WSU grad hailing from Olympia WA and he previously worked on the east coast for the US Army Corps of Engineers. Elevate is lucky to have landed his talent in his return to the Pacific Northwest. His technical skills and management ability have quickly exceeded our expectations. He is planning to take the PE exam this year (Professional Engineering License). The secret is out…no pressure, Dave! In the new year, we are excited to be rolling out two new company tools. First, the field software we are using (and that you’ll be seeing). We are moving to a built for construction platform/app called BuildUp for contractor checklists and issue/task management. The BuildUp user interface and the effectiveness of the app for these deliverables is just awesome. Secondly, we are implementing a tried and true (nerdy) software called Universal Translator (UT). We have successfully piloted UT on several projects to quickly and more effectively analyze trend log data, the most telling information on how well your building is performing. We think UT will be an asset of ours for years to come. One of our founding pillars is to be engaged in our community as a business. Our “1% for the Planet” membership is one of the methods we use to financially support this commitment. Through our partnership with Wild Salmon Center, 1% of our gross revenue in 2019 was donated to support their projects. In one sentence, Wild Salmon Center works with local communities to restore or preserve native salmon runs here in the Pacific Northwest, BC Canada, Alaska, and believe it or not, Russia, which is home to some of the strongest remaining Salmon runs in the world. We hope that being part of the broader conservation solution will inspire other businesses to do the same. Catie and Caleb welcomed baby boy #2 on July 1st. That’s what they’re calling him, boy #2, not even capitalized. Ok fine…Levi. He’s healthy, smiley, and has vision that needs to catch up, so he is wearing glasses. Infants with glasses…off the chart on the cute scale. Levi’s parents currently enjoy daydreaming about sleeping through the night and having time to watch a Netfix show. #notgonnahappen While we hit on the Elevate high notes which may read like an “Everything is Awesome” manifesto (some of us re-watched The Lego Movie over Christmas break), 2019 did not come without challenges and tribulations that life brings. We hope through the ups, downs and hopefully more ups in the year ahead, you have a fulfilling 2020. And thank you so SO much for including us in your professional lives.

Caleb, Nate, Dave, & Britt