Elevate Building Commissioning is an Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) approved Trade Ally for New Building and Existing Building programs. The Energy Trust provides incentives for projects that introduce commissioning early on and incorporate it throughout the design and construction phase. As a Trade Ally we can help guide you through the necessary steps to register your project with the ETO in order to receive qualifying commissioning incentives.

New Building ETO specific commissioning incentives:

• Full Commissioning Early Design Incentive, up to $500

• Full Commissioning Design Review, 50% cost share, up to $15,000

• Full Commissioning Functional Testing, $0.15 per sqft, up to $40,000

Existing Building ETO specific commissioning incentives:

• Custom based upon review by Existing Buildings ETO team

Our goal as Commissioning Providers (CxP) is to improve the performance of your building by optimizing system sequence of operations (efficiency) which greatly reduces operating costs from both maintenance and utility usage perspectives. For new building commissioning we incorporate project goals, measurable performance criteria, and energy benchmarks in the design documents (OPR, BOD, Drawings, Specifications). For existing building commissioning, a workshop with the Owner Team determines project scope of work and benchmarks. When commissioning is implemented early for new and existing buildings, you experience fewer change orders, fewer RFIs, and an increase in occupant comfort. Your building equipment operates to its carefully planned design. These efforts result in a real world high performance building.

Working with the Energy Trust increases building commissioning implementation while reducing the bottom line for you, our clients. If you have a project that may qualify for ETO building commissioning incentives, contact us today!

Eligibility Requirements:

• Oregon customer of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas, or Avista

• Pay or plan to pay the public purposes charge

• Located in Oregon

• Commercial, institutional, industrial, or multifamily building

Additional information can be found on their website at https://www.energytrust.org/

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