We are excited to discuss our participation in PG&E’s existing building commissioning (EBCx) workshop! The class, spanning over a calendar year, is taught at the PG&E Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco by industry professionals Ryan Stroupe and David Sellers with help from guest speakers and past graduates. The focus of the class is developing 10 key technical EBCx skills by requiring students like us to use what they’ve learned each session on a real-live building. Throughout the year we’ll try to pass on a bit about what we’re learning and how we’re using our newly developed skills on our existing building projects.

Elevate Building Commissioning Portland Oregon

How did we get here? As building commissioning providers we have a lot of experience in new construction but have most enjoyed our limited experience in the existing building field. A seasoned commissioning professional will tell you existing building work is a different animal all together. Existing building forensics can be a humbling mix of opportunity, intrigue, discovery, challenge, resolve, and reward. Caleb, acting President of Elevate, met David Sellers at the 2017 Building Commissioning Association Conference. It was quickly apparent that David is an expert and in a class all to his own when it comes to in-field experience and discovering building operational improvement opportunities. These opportunities can lead to significant decreases in energy use (carbon footprint) which can quickly add up in savings, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars a year (or more) for a large building. David also has a unique style of teaching and discusses highly technical topics in an easily translatable language.

Lucky for us, it turns out that David lives a few blocks from Elevate world headquarters and on occasion we enjoy discussing building challenges among other things over a drink at our neighborhood wine bar. The EBCx class (going on year 14!) feels like a natural fit for us to continue our growth as engineers. We are two months into the class, traveling to SFO once a month to learn and talk shop with our peers during a really fun, action packed, eight hour learning day.